Welcome Back to School

Attention parents of 4th grade students, if you would like to meet the teacher please drop off your student at the front door to be scanned by our temperature gauge. Parents of 4th graders may meet the teacher at the North doors of the Northside building. Fifth and Sixth grade parents please make an appointment if you need to visit with your child's teacher. Due to the circumstances parents won't be able to access the building on Monday, August 24. All students must use the front doors to be scanned upon entering the building. 

Northside Parents Guide

Plan A:

Student Arrival:

Day 1 and Regular Day

Please take your students temperature at home.  If they seem to show symptoms, do not send them to school.

If you are not an enrolled student for the building you are attending you will not be allowed in the building.  Example, Southside students cannot eat at Northside vice versa.

All students will need to be dropped off at the front of the school, please come through the front door.

 The building will open at 7:30 am. upon entering the building the students will do a self-screen with an adult present to monitor the temp screening stations as well as hand sanitize.

Students will be prompted to enter into the gym and assigned a bubble group. The students will remain in assigned bubble groups by grade while waiting for the teacher to dismiss outside. 

Students may be dropped off at the playground area at 7:45 where teachers will be on the playground to monitor students.  We ask you discuss with your student playground safety as we will also enforce more noncontact playing. 

Bell rings to go inside at 7:55am.  Each grade will line up at their grade level door (4th grade doors Most North door) 5th grade enter through (middle East doors) 6th grade south door.  The teacher will use social distancing to line students up outside as much as possible.  As they enter the building a teacher will take the students into their classes and taking student temperature.  In each classroom the teacher will set a routine in place to wash hands at the start of the day, and explain how the masks and face shields are used. 

Day 1-4: The Helping Outstanding Students Lead (HOWL) program will be used to integrate students into the school! Our program is designed to assist the students to reenter the rigorous academic settings through the WOLVES value systems. We combine multidisciplinary activities including but not limited to Learning outside the normal curriculum, Team building activities, community engagements, and student led activities.   During this time the students will receive lessons designed to teach all about hygiene and the importance of washing hands and using elbows to cough etc.  Your students’ teacher will provide more information when needed. 

Students transitioning will follow marked hallways and face masks, handwashing (as applicable) and routine. 


During Lunch:

The teachers and students will go through the gym doors and line up for lunch.   The teacher will have them stand in line as far apart as possible. The students will no longer sit opposite of each other but only on one side of the lunch benches.  Therefore, reducing face to face contact.  Hands will be washed before and after lunch by use of washing stations and/or class hand sanitizer. 

Students will not need to use the pin pad to enter their own punch pin.  The lunch person will have their pin numbers to encode to reduce touching of the same pin pad.  We ask if they are old enough to memorize their number to tell the lunch person, but if not we have their numbers.

Playground rules, we would ask parents/ and or guardians to teach students about physical contact playing and how to reduce the physical contact on the playground.  We will ask teachers to watch students and redirect aggressive or physical playing.  The playgrounds will be sprayed with a chemical during the high playground times throughout the day.  The chemical is approved and safe for children. 

Student Dismissal:

Teachers will have the students wash their hands before they are done for the day, masks/shields will be directed for sanitization by each teacher’s classroom rules.  If we designate a face mask, the student may leave it at school for the days they are there.  We ask you wash the masks nightly and help keep the cloth mask clean.  Some teacher will take the masks and lay them out in a window and have the sunlight UV to disinfect them, if the teacher does not have adequate lighting the school has one UV light room the teacher may put the masks in each night. The teachers will let each parent know when their class is released in the hope they are able to stagger release times a by a minute or so each class. 


Student belongings:

We ask each students have a container to keep items in and not to share.  The district may have extras for students who need help, please let your teacher know.  We will provide one water bottle per students and the teachers will keep them in the class and wash them as needed.  We will be using lockers to keep student belongings in while not in use and can only be accessed in the morning and before leaving school. All school materials will be kept in the classrooms to minimize student gatherings in the hallway.

We ask that you send 1 container of clorox wipes 1 time a month to your students class to help with sanitizing supplies. 


Thank you,


Georgie Gourneau

Northside Principal


cell: (406) 688-9938

work: (406) 653 1653 ext 306