In partnership with the community, Wolf Point Schools will create a positive teaching and learning environment to ensure that every member of the school family reaches academic achievement as set by local, state, tribal and federal standards. We are determined to utilize comprehensive school-wide research based strategies to assure this outcome.


  • All children will read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and remain on or above grade level thereafter.

  • All children feel safe, welcome, and successful.

  • All children appreciate their unique qualities, cultures, and their role as valued members of their school family.

  • All students are responsible for caring for self, caring for others, and caring for property.

  • All students have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

  • All children, regardless of race or economic status, have fair and equal treatment.

  • All students and school personnel have clear and focused individual goals.

  • All school personnel are respectful, tolerant of differences, consistent, and nurturing.

  • All school personnel are competent in fulfilling job responsibilities.

  • All parents and community members show respect for education through their availability and involvement.

  • All parents, community members, and school personnel will work together to assist children to become productive members of their school and community.