Dear Parent(s) Guardian(s) of IDEA eligible students,

Wolf Point School District is currently working with staff to finalize plans for instructional enrichment, special education, and related service delivery during the Governor's mandated school closures. District staff is actively working to develop ways to provide special education programming to your student(s) during the closure. They will be providing a combination of online, paper pencil assignments, and guidance to the maximum extent possible during this time. Special education teachers and service providers will be developing an overview outlining which academic areas will be addressed, what lessons may be used, and other general recommendations. School staff will arrange times for you to pick up materials and resources, along with times for ongoing assistance through March
27, 2020.

Please understand that IEPs will not be able to be implemented exactly how they are written. All students, regular education and special education alike, will be receiving alternate services through March 27, 2020. No student will be able to receive their educational services in the usual way or to the usual degree. Further, the District will continue to assess each student for additional support as needed depending on the duration of closures.

Please contact your individual school principal, special education teacher, or related service provider for any specific questions that you may have. Thank you for understanding and patience during this time.


Loverty Erickson, Superintendent
Patricia Toavs, Special Education Director
Wolf Point School District


IDEA Letter to Parents Guardians of IDEA Eligible Students dated 03-18-20.pdf