Student voice

Wolves Families,

Talk to your students, their voice is important.  During the COVID community meetings this July, students said they wanted to see more activities at the Northside Elementary school.  In response to their request, we used the COVID funds to purchase $60,000.00 of band equipment and now have band built into the grades 4-6 schedule.  They also asked for youth sports.  Lil' Wolves is the district's response.  We will offer basketball, volleyball, football, and cross country, stay tuned.  Basketball is starting Oct. 11 for grades 3-6, sign up is at the Southside school and Northside school.  As the superintendent, I have attended three junior high and high school student leader meetings this week.  I asked them specifically how they would like to see the school improve.  Some of their responses were: separate Native American week and Homecoming week;  more color in the buildings, better food from the kitchen; no bullying/vandalism,  and fun activities.  Today the administration team met with the kitchen director to improve services and discuss the food survey sent out to students.  This week we had Be Better World consultant Will Henry presenting to the students on Anti-Bullying in grades 4-12.   If you talk to your students, let them know their voices matter and they can help make positive changes through their actions.  We are taking more ideas and will try our best to make additional changes that include student voices to empower the youth.  
Thanks for your help Mrs. Erickson, Superintendent