student in library

The Junior/Senior High School library is open to students who want to expand their reading horizons. The librarian’s name is Mrs. Wall, and she has procedures in place to make the visit stellar for anyone who wants to check out a book!

A quick ticket to reading success is enjoyment. Reading books of choice takes students to worlds and lands beyond any one pandemic or time period. Pink passes to go to the library are now available through each classroom. The passes can be obtained from the classroom teachers, and teachers may also sign up to bring the whole class to the library. The sign up sheet for teachers is on Mrs. Wall’s desk.

Upon entering the library, sanitizer is available and guests are asked to use it. When a pink pass library visit is finished, students get their passes marked and time stamped. Both teachers and students can check out books to take home.

Students who love to read are more likely to develop extensive vocabularies. Junior high students this year have already been overheard using words like montage while describing a workout video clip. From the second day of school, students were eager to know when they could start checking out books. As soon as the library opened, they started whipping out descriptive explanations of confidence and earning their passes to the library upon completion of the assignment.

High school and junior high school students wrote argumentative pieces about confidence, and their reading and writing vocabularies poured out through their fingertips. They typed some very convincing responses! The tenth graders used words like torment, trustworthiness, and upright posture to describe a situation that required ballet competitors to dig deep and exhibit, or show, true confidence.

From a two minute video clip of Pixar’s Leap shown in class, the students independently decided which ballerina embodied the word confidence. The characters in the Pixar clip participate in a spontaneous dance off to determine who is the best ballerina for the starring role in Paris, France. In the end, the dancers’ motives for dancing determine who is selected as the lead. As many students could tell you, confidence is all about realistic, secure attitudes and behaviors. It is not about being arrogant. Instead, it is knowing who you are, who you could work to become, and how to offer respect--whether you are the winner or loser. In the case of the Leap clip, because of the character of the characters, either girl could be arguably confident. But only one dances the lead, similar to how only one student at a time (sometimes two) leaves from Mrs. Dyas’ classroom to go check out a book from the library.

During the 2019-2020 school year, AR kept track of the books read across the nation and came out with a national report. AR has been collecting data for many years. A favorite book series among the Wolf Point Junior High School students last year was Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney. It was a national hit according to the What Kids Are Reading report. For eighth grade, the series ranked number five in the nation, and it was number three on the seventh grade list. If you have a favorite book you want, you’d better hurry! First come, first serve on library books. When a book lands back in the library, there is a week hold before it can go out again.